Saturday, May 25, 2013

bring me lipstick, or bring me death.

There seems to have been a bit of a lipstick revolution occurring in my personal corner of the internet. It started when Erica tweeted something at me about the OCC Lip Tars and I was like "yeah...AND?" to which she responded that she forgot I wasn't a lippie person or some such.  Around this same time I was fighting this urge deep inside to wear red lipstick because I felt like a red lipstick person on the inside.  Now that I think about it, this urge is not all unlike the need to hold your pee when there is no bathroom in sight, eventually it will come bursting out of you. But I digress.

Nars addict that I am when it comes to blush, I ordered Nars Pure Matte lipstick in Vesuvio and Mascate and Nars Semi Matte lipstick in Jungle Red and Heat Wave.  I couldn't know which would actually look good on me because reds are such a picky thing. I don't like reds that are more a cranberry color than an actual red (like MAC Red, but more on that later).  The Pure Matte was drying as any Matte will be, so it was not until I wore Heat Wave on that second day that I fell down that rabbit hole.

That weekend found me at MAC. Because I had read all these things about how Ruby Woo was The Red Lipstick that a person needed to have from all the lipstick goddesses. I walked away with Ruby Woo, Girl About Town, and Candy Yum Yum.  And therein started what we will only refer to as the The MAC Problem from here on out.  I don't want to talk about how much lipstick I have purchased from MAC but I have run out of good colors to buy.  I am actually not the biggest fan of Ruby Woo and the recently released RiRi Woo; the colors are amazing, but they are so drying when their other matte reds are more of a semi matte and I can get through the day at work without feeling like I have a case of drug induced dry mouth or some other crazy weirdness going on.  The only red I have gotten from MAC that I didn't like was MAC Red, a satin, and that is because it more a cranberry.  If I can figure out how to wear it with the right eyes and blush, I would like it more, but that is the confusing part of revolution.  I was never a lipstick person, now it is all, SHIT.  WHAT DO I DO NOW!?  I have not gotten Brave Red because while I want a cremesheen red, every time I swatch it in the store, I feel like it is more berry than red.

I find myself at the MAC counter talking to the makeup artists and knowing which lipstick they are wearing.  I can tell you the minute differences between Ruby Woo and RiRi Woo. They know my name at the local MAC counter.  I called up to ask a question the other day and said, "Hi, it's Athena blahblahblah" and when I hung up, my coworker's jaw was agape and she then had the entire office sign a prescription for makeup rehabilitation for me.


Until next time,
Athena Henry


  1. I finally submitted to my nagging red lipstick desire and bought Bite's cherry red. I like the lipstick, but I felt like a clown wearing it with anything other than nude/natural eyes and blush. I have now resigned myself to only wearing it on special occasions, which are few and far between. I lack bravery.

  2. I would love a comparison post of the MAC and NARS reds that you own. I'm trying to find the "right" red for my complexion and there are just so many choices that it's overwhelming.

  3. @SubversiveMom I have one Bite lipstick, an awesome fuchsia called Palomino but I hate hate hate the taste so I never wear it. I usually keep my eyes pretty neutral with winged liner when I wear red lipstick. I have seen people pull off bolder looks, but they are kind of retro high drama, and not for every day.

    @Zombo That is a really good idea; it might take me a little while to put together (depending on how much swatching I do ... I don't like swatch posts that only show it on the arm or hand, generally speaking because your lips are not even the same color as your arm not to mention the skin on your face, but I digress). After diving headfirst into lipstick, that was what made finding the perfect red for so many years so hard. I kept finding cranberries which weren't true reds and now I am like, oh, no, that's an orange red and this one is a red-orange and this one has blue undertones and it is kind of sick of obsessed I have become.